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Hermès Birkin May Break Auction Record for Most Expensive Handbag

Pale crocodile skin, white gold and glittering diamonds. Another Hermès Birkin bag is set to be a potential record breaker. It is expected to fetch as much as 15 percent more than the current world record for the priciest handbag sold at auction.

Classic cars and great masterpieces have persistently procured huge sums of dollars when going under the hammer. These days, a new high-priced contender in auction houses are handbags.


Macy’s cuts prices by sixty to eighty five percent

Macy’s cuts prices by sixty to eighty five percent storewide, making this the perfect time to refresh your spring wardrobe and to stock up on essentials for the family. Shop Macy’s specials all week, through Sunday, April 3. Plan to shop on Tuesday, March 29, to save $10 off your purchase of $25 or more or $20 off your purchase of $50 or more on select sale and clearance clothing with Macy’s Wow! Pass.


The Biggest Eyewear Trends of the Season and Where to Shop Them

This season, optical glasses are finally getting the "high-fashun" treatment they truly deserve. I'm not talking about those avant-garde, unpractical versions we've seen in seasons past (remember those iconic flower frames at Prada for spring 2013 or Givenchy's fur-trimmed ones for fall 2011?). I'm talking about high fashion quality frames in sensibly chic styles the everyday woman can actually pull off.


Spring trends are in the bag

The easiest way to swing into spring fashion? With an eye-catching bag, a carefully chosen piece to anchor your new season outfits.
And right now the high street is bursting with designer-inspired totes, clutches and even bumbags, so you can tick off a catwalk trend or two with your chosen arm candy.
These are the bags you'll be holding dear this season...


Holidays on the moon: Time to pack your bags?

A permanent "Moon Village" might allow tourists to holiday on the moon, as well as provide opportunities for science, business and mining, the head of the European Space Agency (ESA) said on Tuesday.

The agency plans to build the first permanent base on the moon and hopes countries including the U.S., Russia, China, India and Japan will help with the project.


Ferragamo (MI:SFER) Adds Microchips In Shoes & Handbags To Halt Counterfeits

Counterfeits have been around for ages, devaluing works of art and luxury masterpieces in typically cheap copies and poorly reinterpreted versions of its original.

In one particular area of the counterfeit industry, the copies are instead excellently made and may easily pass off for an original, to the fairly undiscerning eye.

The counterfeit industry, despite its shady reputation, is rather thriving. According to World Trademark Review, the market for copies and piracy makes $500 billion to $600 billion yearly, or five to seven per cent of world trade on estimate.


The super-performing and stylish shades

Oakley Feedback Polarized sunglasses in Sapphire Iridium Polarized ($200)- look pretty and polished while reaching a higher playing ground in style and performance with these adorable aviator sunnies that are ultra-feminine, oh-so-sporty, and super-functional. Oakley’s Feedback Polarized sunglasses feature a gracefully-feminine classic teardrop shape that’s timeless and always on-trend, along with a breathtakingly beautiful, elegantly curved and lightweight-yet-durable C5-wire polished gold frame that’s smoothly complemented by warm acetate stems for a distinctive and darling appearance.


ATO says handbags can be tax deductible

The Tax Office has confirmed that handbags used for work are tax deductible in certain situations, but women may just have to keep a logbook to prove it lugged more than lipstick to the office.

Accountants are trying to shed more light on how an increasing number of women in the workforce can claim tax deductions following reports that suggested the ATO makes it easier for men to claim deductions for briefcases than it does for women to claim for handbags.


Good news: You might be able to claim your handbag on tax

THERE’S never been a better time to hit the shops. Despite reports to the contrary, it seems women may be able to claim handbags on tax.
But there’s a catch — you have to keep a logbook to prove it carried more than lipstick and lunch to the office.
Accountants are trying to clarify tax rules for women, following reports that suggested that the Australian Tax Office (ATO) makes it easier for men to claim deductions for briefcases than it does handbags.


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